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Terrence Cannon, Educator


A lifelong resident of Providence, Terry Cannon is a founding member of Global Dreams (, a project which encourages kids to express "what they would do if they were in charge of the world, the classroom or their neighborhood" and is a founding member of Providence Inner City Arts, best known for presenting the Florentine Faire in the 70's and 80's and in sponsoring other community arts events with a commitment to diversity. 


Cannon has worked with children in varying capacities since the 60's. Engaged in Tai Chi ( for over 40 years, he introduces young people to this martial arts form that combines graceful movement with meditation, a "meditation in motion" which helps children become grounded and balanced, physically and mentally. Terry's instruction encourages students to be comfortable and confident in their own voice and body. He has linked Tai Chi and verbal expression to offer a holistic approach for kids to be healthy, creative and a valuable benefit to society.


Bringing his expertise to India, Thailand, Poland, Berlin and New Zealand, he has worked with young children in schools, day care centers and orphanages. His experience with kids internationally has broadened Terry's vision and understanding . It better enables him with the enormous scope of children here in the US. 


Lately, Cannon has been collaborating with gym teachers in elementary schools in offering Tai Chi to students as a new and rewarding approach to exercise. Many students go back to class more grounded and able to focus on academics with a refreshed attitude. 


Terry received his Bachelors of Arts in Literature from the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, Mexico.

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